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Testimonials Testimony from Lori Barber

Testimony from Lori Barber

Hi Chuck,

Just thought I'd drop you a line. I went training with some friends the other day and took along the grips you sent me. Well they were a little skeptical at first but, everyone loved them. I found my pole striding was easier on my wrists and I could go farther than before. I didn't have the pain I was used to having. We put the grips to the test and they passed with flying colors. Hill climbing was easier with the multi-functions of the grip, we also got a few comments on them from other people on the trails who were just walking. I gave my poles to a senior woman and she used them like walking stick, she liked the grip for the way it helped her feel stable in her uphill climbs. The firmness of the grip is great, yet it is light weight. I get more distance out of my training than I did before. Keep up the good work.

Ms. Lori Barber

Stevens Point, WI