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Testimonials Testimony from Rhonda McDowell-Rowen

Testimony from Rhonda McDowell-Rowen

Dear Chuck,


Thank you for giving me one of the "Chukgrips" to use on my cane. I have knee problems and I also have Carpal Tunnel. When I would use my regular cane it would aggravate the pain in my wrist. With your grip as a handle on my cane, this changed the 90 degree position that I would have to have my wrist in to use my regular cane. The ergonomic position of the grip placed my wrist in a position that was much more stable and alleviated the pain I had with the regular cane. I would recommend this to anyone who uses a cane. They would have more comfort and less wrist and shoulder pain, when they have to use their cane.


Rhonda McDowell-Rowen