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Testimonials Testimony from Carly Hutt-Outdoor Educator

Testimony from Carly Hutt-Outdoor Educator

I am an outdoor educator and enthusiast who lives and works in the Flathead Valley. This past season, I used the ChukGrip for both snow shoeing and cross-country skiing. To my fortunate surprise, my muscles didn't tire and I had more power on uphills, because of these comfortable and changeable grips. The angle of the grip was easy on a wrist I had broken the previous winter and I was comfortable even at the end of the day. I noticed the strain being taken out of my wrists and into the larger muscles in my back. I was quite pleased with my outings! Several friends also tried these 'strange grips' and enjoyed the movement and ease as well.

Not only was I moved uphill easier, but on steep descent , I had the grip to lean on. I really enjoyed the flexibility the grip gives me to position my hands in many different ways throughout the day and in differing circumstances.

I would recommend this Chukgrip to anyone who wants a comfortable and easy way to hold their poles. Whether recreating or working.  I use these poles now and feel fortunate I found a way to make the end of my day feel like the Beginning!

Carly Hutt

Outdoor Educator Glacier Institute