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Testimonials Testimony from Laura & Jim

Testimony from Laura & Jim

Laura-and-Jim 800x450A couple years ago my husband and I committed to a healthier lifestyle and walking became a part of that. After accepting a challenge to walk 250 miles in 3 months and DOUBLING that we became serious. About this time we purchased some waIking sticks to add a new dimension to our walks. I bought a map of the states and we made a decision to walk across the country...leaving Kalispell, MT.
In February, following a milestone birthday, I decided to join about 1200 other walkers in Seattle for the Susan G. Komen 3Day 60 mile, raising money and awareness for breast cancer.
When on a visit to my chiropractor they suggested that I contact Chuck Lewis and try out his CHUK GRIPS. After a short visit on the phone he delivered 2 pair. One for me and one for my husband. After a few short miles we were hooked!
In my training for the cancer walk I traversed all types of terrain. Lots of concrete, trails, mountain trails like Lone Pine, and the sandy beaches of Oregon.
Toward the end of my training 17 - 20 miles a day was part of my routine.
When September arrived I had walked close to 1,000 miles with my PINK Chuk Grips. Thats, right, when the plant manager found out I was doing the 3Day walk he molded some pink grips!!
During the Seattle walk I covered a total of 88 miles and 333 flights of stairs according to my FitBit. The Chuk Grips went with me on every mile. My sticks and grips proved to invaluable. I took the opportunity to share them with others along the trail. They were always amazed at how well they fit their hand.
I am back in training for the SanDiego 3Day this November. Walking trails and beaches of Florida. My sticks with my pink grips are like an appendage now!! Wouldn't be caught without them.
Thanks Chuk Grips!!

Walking Strong
Laura Moody