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Testimony from Margo Solod

I’ve suffered from arm and hand weakness and pain, as well as some557 800x600
balance problems, for 20 years due to spinal degeneration, but I’ve
tried to keep active. This year I was fortunate enough to be able to
take a trip to Antarctica.  The ship we traveled on was small, and
made up to three zodiac landings a day on rough coastline for trekking
expeditions. Many of these hikes were long and steep climbs to remote
penguin and cormorant rookeries and different seal habitats.

I had never used trekking poles or even a walking stick before because of
my hand weakness, but many of the expedition explanations
recommended trekking poles.   After trying out several types of poles
at our local wilderness outfitter store, my partner and I found Chuk
grips on the web, and decided to give them a try. Chuck fed-ex’ed us a
pair of grips on collapsible poles just in time for the trip, and I
packed them without having time to really try them out. I just had to
hope they worked for me.

It took me about 5 minutes to get used to using poles on the first559 800x600
hike. And the Chuk grips were amazing. Every time my hands tired in
one position I could simply adjust my grip and keep on going. I
completed every expedition trek and hike, and rarely stumbled while
using the poles, even in deep snow or on very steep slopes, including
one hike on South Georgia  Island lovingly referred to by the
expedition staff as the “death march”.

A number of people showed interest in the grips once they saw me use
them, and I let several people try them out. But except for one time
when I lent a pole to someone who really needed help down an icy slope
(I was confident I could make it down with only one pole) I’m afraid I
only lent them out when I was finished with a hike. The rest of the
time I selfishly kept them for myself. I wasn’t going to let anything
that good slip out of my grasp. (pun intended)

I’ve attached some pictures of me and my grips along the course of my Antarctic expedition.

Testimony from Sonja Leirfallom (2)

Dear Chuck,

I have used the Chukgrips for cross country skiing and I can really tell the difference.! I wrote a testimonial for you.  I finally tried a pair for downhill skiing--What a difference!! I immediately turned more easily. I linked my turns much more easily.  I felt like I had more power and my skies responded more quickly.  You can use this letter for my advertising.
Thanks Again!
Sonja Leirfallom



Testimony from Brenda Shelden PTIATC

Dear Chuck,

Outdoor enthusiasts now have the unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while using your new ChukGrip. I have had the opportunity to evaluate your ski pole grip and am very pleased and impressed with your common sense approach.

It is very important during activity to use the most efficient position that exerts the least amount of stress on the hands, wrists and shoulders. The ChukGrip offers many options for hand placement on the handle depending on the terrain and performance desired. The forearms, wrists and hands can be placed in productive yet safe positions. These options are priceless for those who hope to stay active but suffer from painful conditions of the shoulders, wrists or hands.

Outdoor activities such as snow shoeing and cross-country skiing demand strength, coordination and balance from our poles. The ChukGrip serves as a foundation of stability. It transfers control through the grip into the arms and shoulders providing efficient and fluid movements. The contour of the handle allows for the comfort, fit and performance of the fingers. The handle specifically conforms to the ring and the little fingers, minimizing fatigue and maximizing control in our grip. The ChukGrip handle and basket are positioned to enter the snow and propel the skier efficiently.

I have felt the comfort yet power I produce with the ChukGrip and would encourage other health care professionals to try your product. I am sure they will find the same results and share with their patients, family or friends this new grip for their ski poles.


Sincerely Yours,

Brenda Shelden PTIATC


Testimony from Sonja Leirfallom


I immediately noticed the difference when I tried the chuckgrips while crosscounty skiing.  I had more power, better posture, more stability and faster skiing!  It was easier on the wrists, also.  My friends tried the pair that I bought, and they raved about them.  I will not go back to the traditional poles!

Thank you so much for a great invention,

Sonja Leirfallom

Missoula, Mt

Testimony from Mike Chapin

Dear Chuck,

As a member of North Valley Rescue, I found the use of the Chukgrip to be extremely comfortable and easy to use. When I first saw the Chukgrip, I was a little skeptical about its functionality. After I have used it in both down hill and mountaineering skiing, I have found them to be a valuable piece of my rescue equipment. I am looking forward to every chance that I get to use these grips, because of the natural ease and comfort that comes with their use, also I seem to have more strength and sureness in placing my poles I am planning to add the Chukgrip to my walking poles and can hardly wait to see how I like that. I would recommend the Chukgrip for anyones' pole use.


North Valley Rescue Member

Mike Chapin, NV-11

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