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About Us

About Us

          I'm Chuck Lewis, inventor of the Chukgrips. I live on Blacktail Mountain just off

Flathead Lake in Northwestern Montana and in 1992 I started crosscountry

almost every day. At night I was a cook at the Montana Grill. That way I

was able  to hike and cross country ski almost every day. Working with my hands

all my life, and also because of  an old football injury, my wrists and hands were

sore daily. When I would use  my ski poles the straps would hurt my wrist.  I new

there had to be a better way to   use these poles and get more power and comfort

from them. So  I began to draw pictures and  make clay models of a grip that

would work well and be universal for other users. 

          Starting in 1995 and  continuing  for three years afterwards, I worked

in my garage till 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning on prototypes with rubber molds.

Then I would send the prototype grips to other users and friends to try them out

so I could get some feedback on. After more than three years in this stage I decided 

that it was time to invest in a steel mold and start making the actual grips.

As the mold was being made I did a patent  search and also an internet search. 

Both  searches showed that there was nothing like my idea on the market.

It also showed me there was  2500 copywrites on words that  go with the words

grip or grips. There were no words to come up with a name for my grips. 

This went on for some time until a friend of mine told me to  name them 

after myself like other inventors have done I have been very fortunate to come up

with  a grip that can be used by so many different poling sports as well as 

many different sized hands and people.

             Users write to me very often commenting on how pleased they are

with the comfort, power, and versatility of the chukgrips. Now, this is the first

an ergonomically correct grip has been done for poles.  It has been  a long

and hard time. Thank you for reading my story. I hope you too enjoy using the

Chukgrips as well as many others have.